About Us

In Sinhala, the native language of Sri Lanka, "Nethpriya" means “eye pleasing”. Through my website I am offering exquisitely crafted, eye pleasing jewelry designed and crafted by me and loose polished gemstones with the true spirit of Sri Lankan tradition all for a reasonable price.

My name is Chandana Samararatne, founder, creator, and designer of Nethpriya gem & jewelry. I originally hail from the marvelous island of Sri Lanka, which is famous for its rich cultural heritage, enchanting gemstones, fine teas, and seductive beaches. I have been in the gem and jewelry trade for more than 30 years in both Sri Lanka and the United States with experience as a jeweler, stone cutter, buyer, seller, and GIA laboratory gemologist.

When creating jewelry, I seek out the unique poetry that each raw stone whispers. I design each piece of jewelry by hand always emphasizing the defining characteristics of a particular stone and never detracting from the elegance which nature so readily supplies. In designing many pieces, I highlight the natural beauty of a stone, at times with minimal use of metal.

I hope you enjoy my humble efforts and I thank you for stopping by.