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About Us

Nethpriya means “pleasing to the eye” in the native language of Sri Lanka known as Sinhala. Our website offers exquisitely crafted jewelry made in the USA as well as natural gemstones with the true spirit of Sri Lankan tradition for a reasonable price. 


Chandana Samararatne (Sam) is the founder and designer of Nethpriya Gem & Jewelry. He is originally from the island of Sri Lanka formerly known as Ceylon which is famous for its enchanting gemstones, world’s finest teas, seductive beaches, and rich cultural heritage. Sam has over 40 years of experience in the gem and jewelry industry in Sri Lanka and the USA as a jeweler, stone cutter, buyer, seller, and laboratory gemologist at the Gemological Institute of America.  


At Nethpriya, we focus on highlighting the natural beauty of a raw stone with minimum use of metal. We are committed to creating jewelry that is ethically sourced from gem mines. We hope you enjoy browsing our collection at Nethpriya and finding the perfect handmade

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